Targeting Transformation Book

Guiding your Transformation Journey

"We all have people in our lives that we don't get along with. This book will help you navigate your daily interactions. Following this guide will transform you and your relationships."

Ray Ellis
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You are invited to join the discussion about what it means to participate in genuine biblical transformation. How can we personally understand and implement the transformation process and how can we recognize and encourage it in others as well?

Through this teaching, you will be challenged to think about your thinking in the area of biblical transformation. Each person will be encouraged to understand the partnership between God and mankind in this life-long process of growing closer into the likeness of Christ. This will not only be driven by information, but also practical prescriptions and applications that can and will produce positive growth.

You will be challenged by insights and directions on how to become the holy, fulfilled, and loving person that God created you to be. You will then be given tools that can be used in the area of helping the people around you in their personal growth.

Meet Ray

Ray Ellis

Ray Ellis worked the first half of his adult life building the family farm and working in the construction industry. At the same time, he served in the local church as Mission Chairman, Deacon, and Elder, where he was introduced to the ongoing struggles

After responding to God’s call into full-time ministry, Ray earned degrees in Bible, psychology, and counseling. This time of life opened the door for him to begin developing his passion in the area of seeking common church goals regarding the journey of transformation.

During the last five years, Ray has trained Church leaders, counselors and groups in churches of various sizes, including teaching in Honduras and Haiti. Through these experiences he has developed valuable tools and insights for helping local church leadership. Ray is currently living out his passion for helping and encouraging people on their transformation experience through Restoring Relationships LLC.